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Baby and Beyond and was recently sold through With the idea that would make a great baby brand for Bed Bath and Beyond, was hand-registered on 11/10/2002. The domain was offered at increasing prices over many years with the offered price topping out at $975,000. There were no bites whatsoever.

Once the former Bed Bath and Beyond went bankrupt in 2023, their assets were split between a couple of buyers. One buyer bought their baby brand BuyBuyBaby, originally purchased in 2007, while bought some intellectual properties and other assets of the former Bed Bath. then rebranded to BEYOND, Inc., using the Bed Bath and Beyond brand for their online sales portal. In doing so, they were trying to take advantage of the greater name recognition of Bed Bath and Beyond, I presume.

The new BEYOND Inc. must intend to create a baby brand because they reached out to us through a GoDaddy broker to purchase The broker bid $100,000 to purchase the domain. Of course, the broker never indicated the buyer, but it was clear the most natural buyer was BEYOND, Inc. The domain had been offered at $975,000 for years with no interest, so we countered at $500,000. They countered at $280,000. We countered at $375,000.

The broker pushed back saying they had reached their budget, so the deal might not happen if he presented it at $375,000. We went back to him at $350,000 and told him we would live with the result, whatever happened. The broker came back within a couple of hours accepting the deal at $350,000 net to my seller. The buyer paid any fees that GoDaddy charged. The deal was struck within the day. The domain was transferred the next day. The payout to our seller took only five days.

If there is a moral to this story, it is that a great brand name with an exact-match .com domain name has great value. However, it may take years to realize that value. From hand-registry in 2002 to a 2024 sale for $350,000, the seller’s foresight and patience paid off magnificently. The good work of the GoDaddy broker saved a lot of money for BEYOND, Inc. from the original offer price. BEYOND, Inc. succeeded in purchasing a potential billion-dollar baby brand in BABY and BEYOND. And, by the way, our seller is very happy, as well. Everyone won!

We send our congratulations to GoDaddy as well as to the management of BEYOND, Inc. for their forward thinking. We wish each company great success and we look forward to working with either again.

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