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BIOGENOUS is available! Biogenous is a great name for a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical company.


Priced at $55,000 USD


Biogenous is an adjective meaning:

1. Originating from living things.
2. Producing life. 

To us, biogenous implies natural, organic, and non-gmo.

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Domain names are offered at net prices set by owners. Buyers pay the agreed price and low escrow fees only. Unlike many domain platforms, there are no additional broker, platform, or transfer fees! Using ensures safe payment and domain transfers. Stock swaps, in lieu of cash payments, for companies, public or private, may be negotiable.


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When a cash agreement is made, we request a two-day pay period for escrow. We use for escrow services and the buyer pays low applicable escrow fees. Confidentiality of buyer and price assured if negotiated before the purchase.

When you're ready, please email us and we will begin the escrow process for you. Cash purchases are executed online. Using ensures domain transfers are simple and secure. We will work with the buyer to enable a safe and mutually beneficial transaction for asset swaps and more complex sales.

Lease (when available)

Domain leases may be available and would follow terms.


One of the best resources for any new or experienced businessperson is the United States Patent and Trademark Office at Whether you are preparing to name your first company or you’re rebranding an existing business or product, make sure that you search for existing trademarks, as well as any applicable patents.

You may be able to register your trademark without too much difficulty, but get help when you need it. If you’re filing for a patent, we strongly suggest you contact a patent attorney. Patent filings can be very complex. Always protect your intellectual property the best that your budget and skills will allow. Owning the right domain name is an important piece of your company’s intellectual property.

It is your responsibility to determine your ability to trademark any mark for your specific purpose.

Domain Age

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