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Improve your law firm branding. Bright Law and for sale at BrandLily -
Improve your law firm branding. Bright Law and for sale at BrandLily -

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Bright Law and are available! Bright Law is a superior name for a law firm or online legal services brand.


Priced at $175,000 USD. Serious inquiries only, please.


A trademark search at USPTO.GOV for “bright law” on 3-22-2020 revealed 0 records. However, there were numerous records returned when searching solely for “bright.” It is your responsibility to determine your ability to trademark Bright Law for your specific purpose.

Law Firm Branding

Your company name matters. Do you want to use several partner names in a long domain name? Do you really want to use an acronym that is hard to remember and will need changing when you add new partners? Improve your law firm branding with Brand once, live forever.


Our domains names are offered at prices set by their owners. Buyers are first come, first served. Stock swaps, in lieu of cash payments, for the right companies, public or private, may be available. Serious inquiries only, please.


Paid in $USD or equivalent value of company stock or note.

Lease (when available)

One year lease renewable for one year within 30 days of lease end. Maximum of four renewals for a five-year potential lease term. $USD only.

Year 1: 10% of the purchase price
Years 2-5: 12.5% of the purchase price payable each year

We request a 7-day buyer pay period for escrow, once a cash price is established. We use for escrow services and the buyer pays any applicable escrow fees. Normally, escrow fees are under 1% of the purchase price, depending on the price. Confidentiality of buyer and price is available if negotiated before the purchase.

Once you have found your domain name, email us and will we begin the escrow process for you. Once terms are agreed upon, cash purchases are executed online. Using ensures domain transfers are simple and secure. For asset swaps and more complex sales, we will work with the buyer to best enable a safe and mutually beneficial transaction.


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