The Power of Pre-branding

Every branding agency or expert wants to come up with the most powerful, most elegant, most valuable brand possible. Branding experts and marketers rack their brains, do loads of research, and perform consumer surveys and focus groups in order to create the perfect brand for their clients. This effort is part of the tremendous value that branding agencies offer, where they use their capabilities and expertise to create the next billion-dollar brand. Big companies and small pay a lot of money for their very valuable services. Sometimes, however, the next, great branding opportunities are ready-made, already available, and awaiting purchase.

What is Pre-branding

Pre-branding to us is the creation of a company, product, or service name before anyone knows they need it. There are a number of domain sales sites that portend to pre-brand whether they call it pre-branding or not. But most of those are scattershot efforts where quantity rules over quality rather than the creation of a thoughtful, curated list of potential brands with their accompanying .com domain names. BrandLily is designed to create the next great brand before anyone starts looking for it.

Value of Pre-branding

We at BrandLily believe the best and often the most cost-effective way to brand is to pre-brand and acquire the pertinent .com domains first, not last, or as an afterthought. If your company brands first, without owning the proper intellectual property (IP), buying that IP may become cost-prohibitive. Despite the cost, once you commit to your new brand, owning the pertinent domain names to match that brand is critical. You may end up paying far more for those domains and other IP with no option but to do so.

Paying a fair price upfront for intellectual property, including but not limited to the pertinent .com domain names, images, trademarks, and copyrights is a more certain and rational way to brand. Utilizing the concept of pre-branding, where you can purchase the necessary IP first, your company can focus on growing and creating value immediately, thereby saving time and money and giving your company its best opportunity for success.

Pre-branding Methodology

We at BrandLily scour lists of available .com domains before we commit to a pre-brand. We also use drop lists to purchase domains that fit our vision of a next, great brand. We seek domain AND trademark availability because great brands need to protect themselves from interlopers. We use our taste and experience to find or create names of potential value that won’t require millions of dollars just to let people know what the brand actually represents. (Sorry to offend anyone, but for an example of questionable branding, see “Cingular.”) Pre-branding can make branding agencies’ jobs easier and that is our goal at BrandLily.

Pre-branding Example

Our affiliated site,, offers thousands of .com domain names from our domain clients. Most are curated to offer buyers an opportunity to purchase a brandable domain. A recent sale of to an AIG company that re-branded to CoreBridge Financial is an example of our skill at pre-branding. There are many more opportunities for a company, service, or product branding due to domain name availability from Startup Domains and BrandLily.

Utilize the power of pre-branding and our expertise to create your next, big brand. And, remember, several of our offerings include multiple domains, copyrights, and trademarks to help you protect your new brand.

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